Current and Completed Projects

Current Projects:

  • "Fouling-Monitoring" (2019-2023), Development of an ultrasound-based Fouling-Monitoring-Solution for in-situ detection and prediction of scalings and biofilms in geothermal power plants and open cooling circuits, Funding: BMWi ZIM, Project partners: measX GmbH & Co. KG , Z&H Wassertechnik GmbH, Lehrstuhl für Hydrogeologie, (Project description)
  • "Zyklische Schädigungsprozesse in Hochleistungsbetonen im Experimental-Virtual-Lab," SPP 2020, (Phase 1: 2017-2020, Phase 2: 2021-2024), Funding: DFG, Project partners: Fischer, Oliver, TU München Lehrstuhl für Massivbau; Große, Christian, TU München Lehrstuhl für Zerstörungsfreie Prüfung; Volkmer, Dirk, Universität Augsburg, Lehrstuhl für Festkörperchemie; Peter, Malte, Universität Augsburg, Institut für Mathematik Angewandte Analysis (Project description)
  • "Improvement of Non-Destructive Testing Techniques in Archaeology and for the Preservation of our Cultural Heritage (NDTofCH)" (2019-2023), Funding: Projekt 14.02 International Graduate School of Science and Engineering (IGSSE), TUM Graduate School, Technische Universität München. Project Partner: Cairo University, Egypt. (Project Description)
  •  "TUM-CU Program for Non-Destructive Testing of Cultural Heritage" (2021-2023), Project Partner: Cairo University, Egypt. Funding: Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). (Project Description)
  • “Reliability-based Structural Health Monitoring of Highway Bridges” (2021-2024), Cooperation project the HSU, Funding through the Centre of Digitization and Technology Transfer of the Federal Armed Forces in Hamburg. (Project Description)
  • "Tensile Testing Machine 2.0" (2021-2024), Development of a novel tensile testing machine for faster and more precise determination of material parameters, Funding: BMWi, ZIM, Project partners: SCHÜTZ + LICHT Prüftechnik GmbH, QASS GmbH. (Project Description)
  • "Resource-Optimized Cultural Heritage Buildings (Memory Institutions)" – “ReKult”, (2022-2024), Funding: Federal Ministry for Housing, Urban Development and Building through the Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR), Project Partners: Technical Universities of Berlin, Braunschweig and Munich and the Rathgen Research Laboratory of the National Museums of Berlin, . (Project Description)


Completed Projects:

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