Rheology and Tribology

Our lab is currently equipped with 3 shear rheometers from Anton Paar. Due to their modular design and the large variety of accessories available, a broad range of measurements are possible with those machines including:

  • viscosity measurements dynamic
  • shear measurements (= determining viscoelastic parameters)
  • LAOS measurements (= large amplitude oscillations)
  • macro-indentation
  • interfacial rheology
  • rotational tribology

A description of exemplary measurements can be found in the following paper:
K. Boettcher, S. Grumbein, U. Winkler, J. Nachtsheim, and O. Lieleg, Adapting a commercial shear rheometer for applications in cartilage research, Review of Scientific Instruments, 85, 093903 (2014)

For a full list of equipment/accessories available, please contact
Maria Bauer maria.bauer [at] tum.de

If you are interested in performing such measurements in our lab, please contact

Prof. Lieleg oliver.lieleg [at] tum.de
We can offer those measurements as part of a scientific collaboration (= free of charge) or as a service request (fees will depend on duration and complexity of the measurements requested).