Group Leader

Lieleg, Oliver, Prof. Dr. rer. nat.

oliver.lieleg [at]

[link to CV]

Nonscientific Staff

König-Decker, Iris

koenig-decker [at]
+49 (0)89 289-16782
room No. 1.119 MSB East
Monday - Thursday  9 - 12 a.m.
Wednesday              1 -  4  p.m.
team assistant

Fuhrmann, Tobias

tobi.fuhrmann [at]

+49 (0)89 289-10868
Chemisch Technischer Assistent CTA/
technical assistant

Scientific Staff

Bauer, Maria

maria.bauer [at]

+49 (0)89 289-10882
MSc Mechanical Engineering
Macromolecular coatings to reduce friction and wear

Das, Ankita

ankita96.das [at]

+49 (0)89 289-10882
MSc Bio Medical Engineering

Ertelt, Marvin

marvin.ertelt [at]

+49 (0)89 289-10868
MSc Chemistry
Development of a superhydrophobic biomortar

Fan, Di [at]

+49 (0)89 289-10803
MSc Bioengineering
Cellular interactions with macromolecular coatings

Hayta, Elif Nur

elifnur.hayta [at]

+49 (0)89 289-10803
MSc Chemical Engineering
Material properties of semi-
synthetic biofilms

Kimna, Ceren

ceren.kimna [at]

+49 (0)89 289-10882
MSc Chemical Engineering
Engineering orchestrated
drug release mechanisms

Kretschmer, Martin

martin.kretschmer [at]

+49 (0)89 289-10868
MSc Production Engineering
Rheological properties of
biological and synthetic networks

Lutz, Theresa

theresa.lutz [at]

+49 (0)89 289-10882
MSc Biochemistry
Binding interaction between
purified mucin glycoproteins and
synthetic and native molecules

Marczynski, Matthias

matthias.marczynski [at]

+49 (0)89 289-10803
MSc Industrial Biotechnology
Barrier properties and lubricity of mucinous systems

Miller Neranjo, Bernardo

+49 (0)89 289-10868
MSc Mechanical Engineering
Macromolecular coatings on intubation tubings

Rickert, Carolin

carolin.rickert [at]

++49 (0)89 289-10803
MSc Mechanical Engineering
Macromolecular contact lens coatings
with increased lubricity

Zhao, Jing

jing.zhao [at]

+49(0)89 289-10868
MSc Pharmaceutics
3D-printed drug reservoirs

Zhang, Xueqing

xueqing.zhang [at]

+49(0)89 289-10868
MSc Nanobiomedicine


Eckert, Franziska                    M.Sc. Student  of Medical Engineering

franziska.eckert [at]

Henkel, Fabio

fabio.henkel [at]
MSc. Student Mechnical Engineering
Henkel, Manuel

manuel.henkel [at]
MSc. Student Mechnical Engineering

Linder, Andrea                          B.Sc. Student of Engineering Science

linder-andy [at]

Naicker, Semai                           B.Sc. Mechatronic Engineering
                                                    M.Sc. Student of Electronical Engineering
semai.naicker [at]


Selle, Daniel                            M.Sc. Student of Biophysics
daniel.selle [at]


Diller, Silvia                            M.Sc. Student of Engineering Science

s.diller [at]