TUM Materials Engineering

We improve materials' functionality, durability, and sustainability on all scales. From a natural science and engineering perspective, we characterize existing raw materials and develop new ones. 

Degree Programs

All information on the Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in Mechanical Engineering an Material Science as well as on the other diverse study programs in the natural and engineering sciences at the TUM School of Engineering and Design. to the study programs.  more about Degree Programs

Research and Innovation

Our department addresses the broad interdisciplinary field of science and engineering that studies the relationship between the structures of materials (from the nanoscale to the macroscale) and their properties and performance. more about Research and Innovation


Whether biomechanics, wood technology or materials technology for additive manufacturing - in the Department of Materials Engineering, the professorships and chairs deal with a wide range of research topics in materials science. about the Professorships

Networks & Initiatives

In order to make research as interdisciplinary as possible, the professorships of the Department MEC are active in various networks and initiatives. more about Networks & Initiatives

Material Testing

You would like to have materials such as metal, wood or concrete tested for their properties? The professorships offer companies and institutions some services to test materials and samples in the TUM laboratories. more about services


TUM.Idea aims to implement a pioneering role for accelerating and scaling frugal innovation & engineering with and last and tangible impact. more about TUM.Idea