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Our environment, our machines and our entire built world are made of materials. Consequently, the materials and material-related challenges of interest for our modern world become more and more diverse. This demands an interdisciplinary approach bridging scientific and engineering disciplines. At the Department of Materials Engineering (MAE) within the TUM School of Engineering and Design, we therefore address a wide range of material-related challenges through fundamental and applied research and bilateral projects with industry.

The MAE Department was founded in October 2021 and consists of eight professorships and chairs originating from three different previous faculties. The research areas of the MAE affiliated chairs and professorships cover metallic, mineral, as well as organic materials. From the atomic scale all the way to multi-ton structures, the MAE Department combines sophisticated modelling and experimental approaches to solve the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s society from a material engineering perspective. These include the need for functional, durable and ultimately sustainable materials. The Department addresses these challenges from various angles by performing and improving in-depth characterization of materials, elucidating the correlation between the composition and performance of materials, exploring advanced materials processing tools and effective material combinations. This is achieved through the combination of intensive research activities at the MAE professorships and chairs and the affiliated materials testing laboratories (MPA). Ultimately, we aim to improve existing materials and create novel materials to enable new technologies and applications for a sustainable future.

Professorships in the Department

Whether biomechanics, wood technology or materials technology for additive manufacturing - in the Department of Materials Engineering, 8 professorships and chairs deal with a wide variety of research topics in materials science:

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Professional representatives close to the Department of Materials Engineering endow annual awards to encourage the next generation of scientists and to recognize achievement for excellent doctoral and master's theses. They are awarded during the Day of Engineering and Design. to the awardees from 2022