Research Unit

Concrete Damage Assessment by Coda Waves

Condition assessment and surveillance are prerequisites for an efficient maintenance of reinforced concrete structures. Consequently, there is a need for reliable and cost efficient methods which are able to detect defects, monitor the actual condition and predict the future evolution of the condition of reinforced concrete structures. This research unit CoDA (FOR 2825) proposes to make a significant contribution to the application of coda wave interferometry (CWI) in order to monitor and predict reliably and cost efficiently the progress of the condition of reinforced concrete structures.


Plenary Meeting, Bochum

21. - 22. March 2024

From 21st to 22nd of March the CoDA group met in Bochum for the 10th plenary meeting. Within the meeting the group recieved the regular status update from each subproject. Further time was allocated for discussions concrening interaction between subprojects, and future plans within a World Café format. In addition, the doctoral candidates were given the opportunity to present their PhD project to the group.

CoDA Special Session IALCCE2023, Mailan

05. July 2023

The CoDA research group organized a Special Session Concrete Damage Assessment using CODA Waves at IALCCE2023 (Eighth International Symposium on Life-Cycle Civil Engineering) in Milan. During the Special Sesson on Wednesday, 05 July 2023 the presented contributions covered the entire spectrum of the CoDA research unit.

The presented results are published within the conference proceedings: