Dr. tech. Evgeniya Kabliman

Group leader Materials Computation

Adress:   Freisinger Landstraße 52.
                85748, Garching bei München

E-Mail:    evgeniya.kabliman(at)tum.de

Tel.:        +49 (0) 89 289 - 55332
Fax:        +49 (0) 89 289 - 55342

Raum: B1.2.21

Curriculum Vitae

since 04/ 2021

Group leader Materials Computation at TU München


(Senior) Scientist, Light Metals Technologies Ranshofen, Austrian Institute of Technology


Doctor of Technical Sciences (Dr. tech.), TU Wien


Master of Science, Applied Physics and Mathematics, South Ural State University


Bachelor of Science, Applied Physics and Mathematics, South Ural State University

Research focus

  • Simulation-supported technology development
  • Thermo-mechanical processing of metals
  • Microstructure evolution and related phenomena
  • Physics-based modelling across the length scale
  • Application of machine learning in materials modelling


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  • Barschkett, Nora; Carrion Ständer, Sebastian; Matheson, Graham; Evirgen, Alper; Kabliman, Evgeniya: High-Throughput Simulations of Phase Precipitation in Additively Manufactured Al Alloy. Key Engineering Materials 964, 2023, 129-134 more…
  • Kabliman, Evgeniya: Nirupam Chakraborti: Data-Driven Evolutionary Modeling in Materials Technology. Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines 24 (2), 2023 more…
  • Carrion Ständer, Sebastian; Barschkett, Nora; Kabliman, Evgeniya: CAROUSEL: An Open-Source Framework for High-Throughput Microstructure Simulations. Integrating Materials and Manufacturing Innovation, 2023 more…
  • Kronberger, Gabriel; Kabliman, Evgeniya; Kronsteiner, Johannes; Kommenda, Michael: Extending a physics-based constitutive model using genetic programming. Applications in Engineering Science 9, 2022, 100080 more…
  • Domitner, Josef; Buzolin, Ricardo H.; Patil, Samiksha; Auer, Peter; Papenberg, Nikolaus; Kabliman, Evgeniya; Silvayeh, Zahra; Drexler, Andreas; Grabner, Florian: Viscoplastic Self-Consistent (VPSC) Modeling for Predicting the Deformation Behavior of Commercial EN AW-7075-T651 Aluminum Alloy. Key Engineering Materials 926 (Vol. 926), 2022, 2109-2118 more…
  • Kronsteiner, Johannes; Hovden, Sindre; Jäger, Stephan; Kabliman, Evgeniya: Influence of Solidification-Dependent Microstructure on Subsequent Metal Forming Operations. 13th European LS-DYNA Conference 2021, 2021Ulm, Germany more…