“The curiosity and passion for materials and engineering in our team, paired with top-notch experimental equipment enables novel research in materials and processing.”

Alloy design by computational methods paired with advanced experimental approaches such as high-throughput-strategies open up a new design space for future metallic materials and structures.

Advanced processing using future fabrication technologies, coupled with high-performance sensing and control, allows tweaking the maximum out of materials, reaching ultimate properties.

Materials characterization and observation of metallurgical phenomena increase the fundamental understanding of materials, contributing an important element to derive process-structure-property relationships.

Determining material properties and performance under extreme conditions raises confidence in new materials for challenging applications.


In the age of Digitization, bringing together data from all stages of the process chain and collected using various experimental technologies, treating them with advanced computational methods, enables insights and discoveries that otherwise would be hidden from the human eye.

All of the above would be without value if our discoveries would not serve mankind to improve the global quality of life, especially for those severely tackled by the most pressing challenges of society.

Our initiative TUM.Idea - The Innovation for Development Alliance as the hub for frugal innovation and engineering contributes to making the world a better place.