Acoustic Pavement Scanner

Aging infrastructure is a major topic of interest that also applies to road networks. NDT tools to characterize the current state of structural elements are prerequisite for targeted maintenance and repair. Concrete pavements approaching the end of their service life can suffer from damage not visible on the surface but potentially affecting safety and serviceability. Such damage includes horizontal cracks or delaminations within the pavement structure due to heat induced stress or detrimental chemical influences for example. Although several non-destructive testing methods can be applied to concrete pavements most of the conventional techniques like ultrasonics or ground penetrating radar have drawbacks in imaging the above mentioned defects. On the other hand, testing methods based on the propagation of elastic waves have high sensitivity to flaws like delaminations and have potential to be applied to concrete pavements in an automated manner. This project focuses on developing an acoustic scanning method to image relevant damage inside concrete pavements. The approach aims to develop a new acquisition strategy for the so called impact-echo method. Primary goals are the development of sensing systems based on microphone arrays specifically tailored to the demands of concrete pavement testing. Further, acquisition strategies and hardware aspects for testing entire road sections will be examined.  

Ansprechpartner: Robin Groschup  

Förderung: BASt, Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen    


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