Bitumen and Sealing Materials

Head of Technical Group:

Dr.-Ing. Bernd Wallner

The following investigations are offered:

  • Tests for bitumen, polymer-modified bitumen and bitumen emulsions
  • Investigation of polymer bitumen - and bitumen roofing sheets - and sealing membranes
  • Tests with polymer-modified thick bitumen coatings (KMB)
  • Investigations with bituminous joint sealants
  • Performance of surveillance and approval measures
  • Issue of general building test certificates (abP)

Special equipment:

  • Dynamic shear rheometer (DSR)
  • Bending beam rheometer (BBR)
  • Stress ductilometer
  • Cohesion pendulum
  • Pressure aging vessel (PAV): simulation of log-term aging of bitumen
  • Tests rigs for compressive load-bearing capacity (KMB)