Chair of Materials Science and Testing

Construction is inconceivable without building materials. The Chair of Materials Science Testing is involved in teaching and research on topics and issues in the field of construction materials.

Typical material groups in construction are metallic (e.g. steel), mineral (e.g. concrete) and organic materials (wood and plastics). Since the material groups have very different properties, they serve different functions in the structure, e.g. a more load-bearing or more protective/sealing function. The chair is concerned with all three groups of materials. Among other things, new building materials for special applications are developed, the material properties are specifically adjusted to the requirements, and material laws are formulated with the help of which the material behavior can be predicted with respect to expected load and load-independent effects. State-of-the-art testing equipment, some of which have been developed at the chair in the course of research work, aids us in this process.

Chair: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Prof. h.c. Christoph Gehlen