Mareike Thiedeitz, M.Eng.

Research Associate

Concrete Technology


  • Rheology of cementitious building materials (experimental and numerical rheology in transient flow processes)

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics of cementitious building materials

  • Alternative binders and their life cycle analysis 


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  • Thiedeitz, Mareike; Kränkel, Thomas; Gehlen, Christoph: Viscoelastoplastic classification of cementitious suspensions: transient and non-linear flow analysis in rotational and oscillatory shear flows. Rheologica Acta, 2022 more… Full text ( DOI )
  • Thiedeitz, Mareike; Ostermaier, Benjamin; Kränkel, Thomas: Rice husk ash as an additive in mortar – Contribution to microstructural, strength and durability performance. Resources, Conservation and Recycling 184, 2022, 106389 more… Full text ( DOI )


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  • Schmidt, Wolfram; Commeh, Michael; Olonade, Kolawole; Schiewer, Gesine Lenore; Dodoo-Arhin, David; Dauda, Risikat; Fataei, Shirin; Tawiah, Angela Tetteh; Mohamed, Fatma; Thiedeitz, Mareike; Radebe, Nonkululeko W.; Rogge, Andreas: Sustainable circular value chains: From rural waste to feasible urban construction materials solutions. Developments in the Built Environment 6, 2021, 100047 more… Full text ( DOI )
  • Schmidt, Wolfram; Radebe, Nonkululeko; Otieno, Mike; Olonade, Kolawole; Fataei, Shirin; Mohamed, Fatma; Schiewer, Gesine Lenore; Thiedeitz, Mareike; Tawiah, Angela Tetteh; Dauda, Risikat; Bassioni, Ghada; Telong, Melissa; Rogge, Andreas: Challenges, Opportunities and Potential Solution Strategies for Environmentally and Socially Responsible Urban Development of Megacities in Africa. In: RILEM Bookseries. Springer International Publishing, 2021 more… Full text ( DOI )


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  • Thiedeitz, Mareike; Dressler, Inka; Kränkel, Thomas; Gehlen, Christoph; Lowke, Dirk: Effect of Pre-Shear on Agglomeration and Rheological Parameters of Cement Paste. Materials 13 (9), 2020, 2173 more… Full text ( DOI )
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  • Thiedeitz, Mareike; Schmidt, Wolfram; Härder, Michelle; Kränkel, Thomas: Performance of Rice Husk Ash as Supplementary Cementitious Material after Production in the Field and in the Lab. Materials 13 (19), 2020, 4319 more… Full text ( DOI )
  • Ukrainczyk N. ; Thiedeitz M. ; Kränkel T. ; Koenders E. ; Gehlen C.: Modeling SAOS Yield Stress of Cement Suspensions: Microstructure-Based Computational Approach. Materials 13 (12), 2020, 2769 more… Full text ( DOI )


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  • Thiedeitz, Mareike; Kränkel, Thomas; Gehlen, Christoph: Thixotropy-Dependent Form Filling Ability of Cement Paste. In: Mechtcherine, Viktor; Khayat, Kamal; Secrieru, Egor (Ed.): Rheology and Processing of Construction Materials. Springer International Publishing, 2019, 273--280 more… Full text ( DOI )
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