Dr.-Ing. Anne Heisig

Deputy Plant Manager

Head of working group Binders and Additives

Tel.:     +

E-Mail: anne.heisig@tum.de

  • Mechanisms of alkali silicia reaction in concrete with fly ashes

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  • Wagner, Matthias; Heisig, Anne; Machner, Alisa; Beddoe, Robin; Heinz, Detlef: External Sulfate Attack on Cementitious Binders: Limitations and Effects of Sample Geometry on the Quantification of Expansion Stress. Materials 15 (10), 2022, 3677 more… Full text ( DOI ) Full text (mediaTUM)


  • Anne Heisig, Katharina Niggl, Liudvikas Urbonas, Detlef Heinz: Einsatz von getemperten Reststoffen aus der Kaolinaufbereitung als puzzolanischer Zusatzstoff. 20. Internationale Baustofftagung ibausil, 2018, 1-779 - 1-786 more…


  • Heisig, A.; Fischer, K.; Urbonas, L.; Heinz, D.: Evaluation of Alkali Silica Reaction in Fly Ash Concrete Using an Accelerated Performance Test Method. 3rd International Congress on Durability of Concrete, 2017 more…
  • Stankevičiūtė, Monika; Urbonas, Liudvikas; Heisig, Anne: SYNTHESIS OF BELITE CALCIUM SULFOALUMINATE CEMENT USING HARD COAL FLY ASH. International Conference Chemistry and Chemical Technology 2017, 2017, 69 more…


  • Gendvilas, R.; Urbonas, L.; Heisig, A.: Effect of Temperature and NaCl on the Stability of Ettringite and the Pore Solution pH of Hardened Cement Paste. The 7th International Conference on Silicate Materials "BaltSilica 2016", 2016, p 34 more…
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  • Heisig, Anne; Urbonas, Liudvikas; Beddoe, Robin E.; Heinz, Detlef: Ingress of NaCl in concrete with alkali reactive aggregate: effect on silicon solubility. Mater Struct 49 (10), 2016, 4291-4303 more… Full text ( DOI )
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